Imperial College Gliding Club

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2000 - 2005

In 2001, under the guidance of Hemraj Nithianandarajah, the club held an expedition to Jaca in Spain for four weeks, taking the Grob, 496, and the Discus, 296. Much flying was had, giving many members their first taste of mountain flying. This expedition set a trend and each year the club has taken both gliders away for a month, in 2002 to Winzeln in southern Germany , and in 2003 and 2004, to Vlasim in the south of the Czech Repulbic.

We have also been keeping busy on the competition front, each year we have entered at least two gliders into the Junior Nationals, in 2000,Chris Smart flew 96, Hemraj Nithianandarajah flew 296 and Luke Rebbeck also competed, in 2003, Hemraj Nithianandarajah flew 296 and Chris Smart again flew 96, and most recently at the 2004 Juniors, Jamie Denton in 296 competed and Chris Smart took several people round Hors Concors in 496.

As for membership, the club has had a consistently committed membership, and in 2003-2004 the membership hit 67, another record membership for the club!

This year is our 75th year and we are already planning the celebrations! Three quaters of a century of motorless flight, time to head for the big one hundred!